Some attributes
Gender Male
Friends None
Enemies Boomerang Bro, Waluigi
Other attributes

1Goomba is the host of the Survival Show. He is played by Anthony.

Personality Edit

Goomba has shown himself to be awkward and idiotic. He seems to be a bit crazy, as he kidnapped his reality show contestants off the street and threw things at them so they could build houses. He has displayed his stupitity by saying he couldn't really count, forgetting Team Bomba's name, and referring to the skull as a 'face bone.' Despite his lack of intelligence, he has somehow managed to create a machine capable of creating invisible tornados. He also plays with the audience, as he pretended he was going to try on a bikini a does not reveal the prize to anyone, even himself.

Coverage Edit

Goomba first appears in The Introduction. He introduces the show and the teams. During the episode, he shows slight favoritism towards Team Wiggler. He appears again in The Twisty Tornado during the opening scene. Later, he unleashes the invisible tornado on the contestants with the Death-O-Matic By Wind 3000. He is seen later in Team Bomba's fort with Waluigi. He tells Waluigi what happened to him during the Tornado and reveals that he will never be able to walk again.

Gallery Edit


Goomba introducing the show during The Introduction.


Goomba, doing the introduction during The Twisty Tornado.

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