The Terrible Tornado
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date August 3rd, 2015
Disaster None
Eliminated None
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The Terrible Tornado is the second episode in Goomba's Survival Show. It's the first episode with a natural disaster in it.

Plot Edit

Goomba introduces the second episode and the camera cuts to Team Wiggler. Green Toad asks who wants to hunt, and Red Yoshi volunteers to demonstrate his manliness. Then the camera cuts to Team Winner, where Mario suggests Toad to hunt. Yellow Toad claims that he will do it better and hunts instead. Meanwhile, Team Bomba is having an auction for the job and Waluigi is the only one who bids, so he hunts.

Red Yoshi then leaves his fort and Green Toad monologs about hanging forever. Then Yellow Toad, now under the name of 'Swag Hunter' starts to hunt and immediately finds a dead cheep-cheep, and begins to head back to his base. Meanwhile, Waluigi, who is already hunting, finds a tree and climbs it. He begins to get the leaves to eat, but falls out before he can do so. Red Yoshi then finds a cattail-like plant, and tries it. He dislikes it, as it "tastes like flowers", before realizing that he does like it and taking it all for himself instead of getting it for his team.

Then the camera cuts to Goomba, who pulls out his Death-O-Matic By Wind 3000 and procedes to create an invisible tornado with it. The affects are immediate because the hunters all notice the noise it creates as soon as it starts. In response to the noise Red Yoshi runs up a tree and Waluigi sprints home, while Yellow Toad ignores it and continues to walk at his leisurely pace. While sprinting home, Waluigi is hit by a boat, knocking him unconscious. Just about to get back to his fort, Yellow Toad notices the sound getting getting louder and is suddenly swept away and flung all the way to the bottom of the hill. He lives, only to be hit by the same boat that crippled Waluigi, which kills him. Meanwhile, Red Yoshi is clinging to his tree for dear life, only to be swept away and knocked to the bottom of the hill, killing him.

Back by the forts, Waluigi wakes up to be greeted by Goomba, who tells him about his injuries and how he is crippled for life. The camera then cuts to Team Wiggler's fort, where Blue Yoshi and Green Toad are greiving over Red Yoshi's demise, and Blue Yoshi reveals that he is wearing Red Yoshi's underwear. Mario, impatient at Yellow Toad not returning yet, sends Lakitu and Spiny to find him. The episode ends with the message, "to be continued".

Gallery Edit


Yellow Toad after being swept away by the tornado.


Waluigi climbing a tree.


Goomba preparing to unleash the tornado.

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