The Hill is the location of the Survival Show. It has a total of four layers.

Layers Edit

Layer 1 Edit

Layer 1 is the highest layer of The Hill. It is made of wood, and is where Goomba resides and performs most of his hosting duties. No contestants have died on this layer.

Layer 2 Edit

Layer 2 is the second Layer on the hill. The ground is made of grass, with a sole strip of concrete going down the middle. The entrance to Layer 1 is here. It is where the forts are located. No contestants have died here.

Layer 2.5 Edit

Layer 2.5 is the layer in between 2 and 3. It consists of an downhill ivy patch and stairs. No contestants have died in this layer.

Layer 3 Edit

Layer 3 is the middle layer. Most of the hunting takes place here. It has grass, dirt with a stone pathway, and the occasional concrete pathway. Trees grow on this layer. No one has died on this layer.

Layer 3.5 Edit

This layer is very similar to layer 2.5, sharing the same ivy and steps design. Nobody has died on this layer.

Layer 4 Edit

Layer 4 is at the very bottom of the hill. It has bushes lining the end of the ivy. Behind the ivy is a sidewalk and a street. Yellow Toad and Red Yoshi have died on this layer.

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